Our Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are retiring or going inactive at a higher rate than they are becoming newly licensed. The decreasing supply has increased the demand and competition to work with the most qualified appraiser. USAMC clients have a competitive edge when it comes to working with the best appraisers because we consistently pay the customary and reasonable fees they value and expect.

Quality control is essential to the appraisal management process, beginning with partnerships with the most qualified appraisers in the country, we continuously rate them on their performance and ensure that all licenses/certifications and insurance policies are current and in good standing in each state. Only the strongest appraisers remain on our panel. Your USAMC Account Manager selects the best appraiser for the job using three main criteria: Competency, Location, and Panel Rating.

  • Competency: USAMC only partners with qualified appraisers with relevant experience and active credentials.
  • Location: Appraisals are assigned to appraisers who are competent in the subject property location.
  • Panel Rating: Appraisers are continually tracked and rated on three main factors: quality, communication, and their ability to meet the agreed upon terms of service.

Custom Panel: Upon request, USAMC may consider our clients list of eligible and ineligible appraisers.