Founded in September 2014, USAMC is a real estate appraisal management company that provides mortgage companies with compliance to “appraiser independence” by delivering a full service valuation experience.  

Much of the company’s growth can be attributed to the loyalty of existing clients as they expand their territory.  This close-knit relationship is due to the focus we have on customer service, the quality of our appraisal reports and our unique ability to solve problems.  The high level of service we deliver is an orchestra of the best people, process, and products fueled by our deep commitment to our client’s interests.  From request to delivery and everything in between, USamc expertly manages the appraisal process and delivers superior Appraisal Management.  At USAMC, we believe that the success of the client is directly related to our own.  Together we will make the appraisal management process effortless.

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